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C- och D-uppsatser (Serie B)

Kandidat- och masteruppsatser på institutionen 2016

Här nedanför finns studenternas kandidat- och masteruppsatser från 2016 listade. Alla uppsatser är länkade till en PDF-fil.

B864: "Viticultural site evaluation using Landsat 7"

B873: "Zircon dating of the Uddevalla Granite"

B907: "Thermal properties in different rock materials based on Hot Disk and mineral mode - a comparison between petrographic analysis and laboratory measurements"

B909: "The Geology of the Skogaryd Research Catchment, SW Sweden: a Basis for Future Hydrogeological Research"

B910: "Grundvattenmodellering i visual modflow av Vindelns reserv-vattentäkt i Hällnäs med tillämpning av resistivitetsmätningar"

B913: "Reconstruction of Past September to December Streamflow in Göta Älv from AD 1700 to 2000"

B914: "Bevara Christiania! Rätten till fristaden och kravet att normaliseras"

B915: "Compositional variations between hydrothermal and magmatic magnetite and their potential for mineral exploration using till from Laver, Northern Sweden"

B916: "Hazard zone map in Hemsedal, Norway. A testbed for runout modelling with RAMMS::ROCKFALL module"

B917: "Snow avalanche deposit map in Hemsedal, Norway"

B918: "Potential of nitrous oxide as a reaction gas for ICP-MS, Agilent 8800 QQQ"

B919: "Present and future soil erosion in the Kungsbackaån watershed"

B920: "Measurements of total nitrogen in sedimentary rocks from Kinnekulle, southwestern Sweden"

B921:"Sambandet mellan geografiska förutsättningar och vinkvalitet i fem appellationer i norra Rhônedalen"

B922: "Amphiboles of the Norra Kärr alkaline complex: eckermannite, fluoro-leakeite, and elusive lithium"

B923: "En studie om sedimentdynamiken i en ålgräsäng i Hakefjorden på den svenska västkusten – i en tid av minskande ålgräsutbredning"

B924: "Temperature fronts in the Sargasso Sea and their influence on the passive transport of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) larvae"

B925: "Drönarfotogrammetri som komplement till den nya nationella höjdmodellen"

B926: "Att ”knuffa” Göteborg mot hållbarhet"

B927: "Heatwave incidence and duration changes for three European cities"

B928: "Har NO2 koncentrationerna i centrala Göteborg förändrats sedan trängselskatten infördes 2013?"

B929: "Major ion deposition in the accumulated winter snowpack at Storglaciären and in Tarfala valley, northern Sweden"

B930: "Contrasting responses of shrubs to reindeer grazing in alpine heath and meadow grasslands"

B931: "Provenance of pebble clasts in hummocks in the eastern south Swedish highlands near Gullaskruv"

B932: "Characterizing provenances of glacial sediments in northeastern Svalbard using in-situ Rb-Sr systematics"

B933: "Hydrogeological investigations at the Välen landfill"

B937: "U-Pb radiometric dating and trace element characteristics of columbite from the Högsbo pegmatite quarry, south-western Sweden"

B938: "Occurrence and treatment of pharmaceuticals in drinking water and sewage water"

B939: "Investigation and mapping of a deep seated gravitational slope deformation, in Hemsedal, Norway"

B940: "An analysis of the factors determining nitrate concentrations in groundwater in Sweden"

B944: "City centre rhythms - The case of gender in Dotonbori"

B945: "Investigation of the sub-soil stratigraphy in sub-site F (the “mineral-site”) at the Skogaryd Research Catchment"

B946: "Mobile Technology and Access to Financial Services in Karamoja, Uganda"

B947: "Where responsibilities end: Migrant labour and CSR in a Russian supply chain"

B948: "Glacial geology of the Bredestad - Knutstorp Area, SE Sweden, with focus on the Weichselian deglaciation history based on LiDAR topography"

B949: "Characteristics of Brown Layers in Core ARA06C-04 from the
Chukchi Sea/Arctic Ocean coveringthe Mid-Pleistocene to Holocene:
Age Model and Paleoenvironmental Significance"

B950: "Smallholding agroforestry systems in a semi-arid region India"

B951: "Effects of Climate and Vegetation change on River Morphology in Alamata, Northern Ethiopia"

B952: "Holocene Organic Carbon and Carbonate Records from Northeast Baffin Bay"

B953: "Uran- och Toriumfördelning i Stigfjordsgraniten"

B955: "Provenance of pebble clasts in hummocks in the western south Swedish highlands near hörda"

B956: "Hydrogeological investigations of The Kerauga aquifer, Southern Lowlands of Iceland"

B957: "A conceptual hydrogeological model of the Gothenburg city area with a special focus on its application to determine groundwater recharge - a feasibility study"7

B958: "In situ som mineralization response to changed C availibility in the rhizosphere"

B959: "A method for quantitative determination of mean atomic number from backscat tered electron images, a mineralogical focus"

B961: "Predictive prospectivity mapping of rare Earth elements in Bastnäs (Skarn)-type one deposits in western Bergslagen, Sweden"

B962: "Quantifying the rock introgen input through weathering by analyzing inorganic nitrogen leached from incubated rock samples"

B963: "Mechanism(s) of extreme heavy mineral enrichment in the siltstones of the Cambrian Norretorp member, Southern Sweden"

B964: "Mechanism(s) of extreme heavy mineral enrichment in the siltstones of the Cambrian Norretorp member, Southern Sweden"

B965: "Trace element geochemistry of magnetite from the Kiirunavaara Iron-Apatite ore, as determined by LA-ICP-MS"

B966: "Övergripande studie av den sedimentanknutna kopparmineraliseringen i Dalslandsformationen, Henneviken, Bengtsfors kommun"

B967: "Flyktingmottagande, eldsjälar och platsens resiliens - En studie om förändring och anpassning på Storsudret, Gotland"

B968: "Roma Migration to Sweden - A study of the economic aspects of migration"

B969: "Historical daily snowfall and extremes in Sweden, can a model simulate that?"

B972: "Stat och informalitet - ett förhållande mellan
kommun och strandskydd"

B973: "Inkomstsegregation - en metodutvecklande studie
baserad på 53 tätorter i Sverige"

B974: "Petrography and sedimentary facies of the lower Cambrian succession at the Kinnekulle table mountain, south-central Sweden"

B976: "Impact of historical land use changes on sediment in Lake Skottenesjön, SW Sweden"

B977: "Land cover, sheep and climate change in the Icelandic highlands"

B979: "Socialt trygghetsskapande i cyberrummet"

B981: "Holocena strandlinjer på Gotland - En geomorfologisk kartering baserad på LiDAR-data"

B982: "Höstveteavkastning i Sverige"

B983: "Värdering av ekosystemtjänster av två typer av urban grönska i Göteborg"

B984: "Groundwater drought explained by climate, hydrogeological and environmental controls in southern Sweden"

B985: "Greenhouse gas efflux and temperature sensitivity of incubated permafrost from the Lena delta in the Russian Arctic"

B986: "Upptorkningstid för jordar med varierande kornstorlekssammansättning"

B988: "Tracing pollutants in silver birch (Betula pendula) tree rings in Gullspång, using Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analysis"

B990: "Extreme precipitation over Sweden in the CORDEX evaluation experiment"

B991: "Intra-urban temperature variations - Field studies in central Gothenburg"

B992: "Sustainability of groundwater resources in coastal areas- a case study on the Koster islands, Sweden"

B993: "Metallbelastningen i Stångåns sediment"

B994: "Evaluation of the potential for artificial groundwater recharge on a small island in western Sweden – a pilot study"

B995: "Lateglacial-early Holocene geomorphology between Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern, southern Sweden"

B996:"Mangrove forest rehabilitation in Nicaragua Regrowth of mangrove trees and the importance to local resource users"

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